How To Use Non PTA Phones Without Registration 2023

Hello Guys, Today I will show you how to use Non PTA/Black mobile phone in Pakistan. In this article, I am not going to illegal ways. For example some people change IMEI of mobile and use SIM in non PTA mobile. I will show you some legal ways in this you can use PTA block mobile in Pakistan. First I advise you if you have money so approve your mobile from PTA officially.
Lets going to ways in which you can use Non PTA/Black mobile in Pakistan.
First I will discuss the ways in which you can use PTA block iPhones.

For iPhone Users

If you are iPhone user you can use jazz SIM in your iPhone. But in some iPhone jazz SIM is not working.
For iPhone user there are two different ways.

First Method

If you have iPhone X or other cheap iPhone. If you have iPhone X or other any expensive iPhone. And you are not able to pay PTA tax of your mobile phone. So you need a cheap PTA approve iPhone. Just like iPhone 6 or other cheap iPhone. Buy a cheap iPhone and put same iCloud ID in both phone. Now go to setting and on the option ‘allow calls on other devices’.

. Now you are able to receive all call in your expensive iPhone just like iPhone x, 11, 12 or 13. You can use this method to use PTA block phone in Pakistan. You can also share hotspot from iPhone 6. For internet, you can use hotspot. Your iPhone 6 hotspot automatically ON when your near your iPhone X, 11, 12, 13. If you don’t want to go to these dizzy. So you can use second method.

Second Method

For this method you need to buy a device that name is IKOS. You can easily buy this device from and Link
Amazon link
You can easily buy this device from local seller.
This device price in Pakistan is almost 20,000

How to use

First you need to ON the device. And open your mobile phone setting. Then go to Bluetooth and connect this device. After this you can get calls and dial call from your iPhone. You can also use data using this device.
This device battery timing is almost 48 hours. You can use data using this device about 8 to 10 hours.
And other device comes in market SIMONE. By using this device you are able to get and dial calls in your PTA block iPhone. You can buy this device form local sellers. OR you can buy this device form AliExpress and Amazon.

How to use

Just ON this device. For this device you need application of this device. Just install application on your mobile phone. And connect this device in application. After this you can get call on your mobile phone. For dial calls you need to open this app, and can dial calls from this app.

You can use this method to use Non PTA iPhone in Pakistan. You know that you cannot use illegal method on iPhone. It means you cannot change IMEI of your iPhone. OR you pay PTA tax OR you can use these methods for iPhone.

For Android Users

If you are android user and your phone is PTA blocked. You can use to method.
I am not going to illegal method. Some People use this trick. They change their phone IMEI and use non PTA phone in Pakistan. By using this method your mobile all security will lose. After changing IMEI of your mobile phone you cannot use banking application. Just like jazz cash, Easy paisa, UBL bank and jazz world etc. By Applying this method your mobile will root. You cannot get update of your phone.
So in this article I will show you two legal ways in which you can use non PTA phones in Pakistan.

First method

In this method you to buy a cheap android phone OR you can buy jazz digit. But cannot get calls in your expensive phone. You can only use internet. Jazz digit 4G is a button mobile. But it is 4G. You can use 4G this in this mobile. You put your SIM in jazz digit, and you will get call in jazz digit mobile. For internet, you can use hotspot of jazz digit mobile. This mobile has hotspot option. You can get easily hotspot from this mobile.
Cheap android method is same as jazz digit mobile. You can get call in your cheap android phone and by using hotspot you can use internet in main mobile. Many people use this method. You can try this method. If you don’t want to go to these dizzy. So you can use second method

Second method

For this method you need to buy a device that name is SIMONE. You can easily buy this device for AliExpress and Amazon.
Amazon link

How To Use

Just buy this device. For this device you need its app. Install app of this device in your mobile phone. Open this app and ON your SIMONE device. Connect this device from app. After connecting you can get calls on your phone. But for dial calls you need to go in this app. From this app you can dial calls only. You can use internet easily by using this device. After connecting you can use internet in your mobile phone.


This device battery timing is almost 48 Hours. On for dial call or receive calls.
You can use internet by using this about 6 to 8 Hour only.
By using these methods you can use your PTA Blocked android phone in Pakistan.
At the end I am telling you not go to illegal methods. By Applying these methods your phone security will lose. And this is against to the policy of Pakistan. So I advise you to do not do to these methods.

I Hope this article helped you to use PTA block phones in Pakistan.
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