Best Camera App for Android

Best camera App 2024

Different peoples have low quality camera phone, and they want to take high quality photo in their android phone. So, in this article I give you best camera app for android in which you can take high quality photo or record high quality video. Actually, this camera app provides you some extra features which help you to capture high quality photo.

In this camera app, we can add filter like iPhone 15. So, I give you also iPhone 15 filters which help you to take photo or record video like iPhone 15.

Best Camera App

Google Camera is the best camera app for android in which you can take photo like iPhone. In this camera app, you can add extra filters. So we will add iPhone 15 Filter in this camera app. If you  Phone is not support photo then still you can take cinematic photo and video in this camera app.

If you want to download this camera app, then click below link. This link will forward to Google Drive where you can easily download this app.

Best camera App for android

Camera App


iPhone 15 Filters


How to add iPhone 15 Filter

If you want to add iPhone Filter in this camera app, then follow these steps.

  1. Open this Camera App
  2. Then Open setting
  3. Now Press Configs option
  4. Now press Load and select iPhone 15 filters which you download from this article
  5. Now you can take High quality video and photo in this camera app like iPhone 15

By Applying these steps, you can add iPhone 15 Filters in this camera app.

I hope this article helped you to find the best camera app for android. If you face any problem while using this camera app, you can ask in comment sections. For this type of useful article keep visiting our website(

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