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Useful Tips & Tricks Every Android User Must Know

Hello guys, today I will show you some important tips and tricks for android will help you in daily life. You used mobile daily and use different features of mobile but some features you don’t know. So I will show you some feature I hope which will help you. Some tricks will help while gaming and some tricks will help you secure your mobile from others. And other different feature will help you in different times so read this article tell end.
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1. The first tricks that I will show you how secure your mobile from others. If you gave your mobile to friend, and he wants to call anyone at this time this trick will work for you. Your friends call to anyone and lost your balance, so this trick will help you. When you apply this trick on your android phone then your friend will not be able to call anyone. To apply this trick on your mobile follows these steps.
• Unlock your mobile and open dialer. Then dial *#31# the press ‘call’. Now your outgoing call will block. Your friend will not able to call anyone. By using this trick you can save your balance from your friends.
• To unlock your outgoing call. Open dialer and dial #31# and press ‘call’. Now your outgoing call will unlock. You can dial call to anyone. So must try this trick to save balance from your friend.

2. The second trick is about gaming. If you are gamer and want to play game with high quality, so you can try this trick. To do this trick follows these steps.
• First you need ON Developer option. To ON developer option Go to your mobile setting and go to ‘about’. Then you will see build option. Then press build open again and again about 10 time. Now your developer option will ON. The developer will be showing many options.
• Now open your mobile setting and scroll below. Then find developer option. And open it. Then scroll below and find ‘Force 4x MSAA’. Then enable this option. Now you can any play any game without lagging on your android phone. You game quality will improve. But the disadvantage of this feature is that your battery will drain fast. So only enable this option before playing game and disable after play game.

3. If your mobile is old and opening apps very slowly, so you can try this feature of developer option. This feature actually fast your animation speed and your mobile apps opening speed will fast. To fast your mobile phone apps opening speed follow these steps.
• First go to setting and then open develop option. And scroll down and find animation scale. Now open this option and select ‘animation scale .5x’. Now your mobile phone apps opening speed will fast. This is very useful trick so if you have old mobile phone must try this trick.

4. If your mobile phone is most used in your family then you can use this feature of android phone. In fact, this feature will make your phone another Android phone. It looks like you use two mobiles in one phone. Follow these steps to use two Android systems in one phone.
• Open your mobile notification panel and then press profile. Now you will see two options. One will see your mobile name and other you will see guest option. Just press ‘guest’ option. Now your phone will go to other space. This appears look like you reset your mobile. New Gmail account will need to add and all your apps will hide. When you give your mobile to your family. Open gust phone and give to family.
• Now you want to come to your own space. Open notification panel and go to the profile. Then press your phone name and your own space will open. Now you’re all apps and setting will appear. You can use your phone easily without any changing. So must try this feature when you give your mobile to family.

5. If you have dyshim that your Wi-Fi password exposes and anyone uses your Wi-Fi. So I show you a app that will help you to check how many users connect to your Wi-Fi. By using this app you can block unknown users. Once you will block these users they cannot connect to your Wi-Fi.
• First you need to download it. After downloading install FING app in your android phone. Then open it and give all permission to this app that It wants.
• Now you can see how many people connect to your Wi-Fi. Then you search for unknown people and block them. Now that people can’t connect to your Wi-Fi.
So if you use Wi-Fi in your home must try this app.

To install FING app Press below link.


6. If you have problem with your mobile phone fingerprint. So I will show you a trick that will solve your problem. This trick will work for all type of fingerprint. For example side fingerprint, back fingerprint, in display fingerprint OR front fingerprint. You can try all type of fingerprints. This trick will work perfectly.
So follow these steps.
• Open your mobile setting and go to fingerprint setting. Add your on finger two times in mobile. In this method your fingerprint will add more accurately. And your mobile will unlock fast. So must try this trick for solve the problem of your fingerprint.

7. This trick is easy and very useful. Many people when they change their mobile phone. Then dig their data using this trick you can save all your data. Just follow these steps.
• Open your mobile setting and then open backup option. Now take backup of your data. The benefit of backup that when you will change your mobile phone. You can restore your data easily. Many people lose their data after change phone.
• TO restore your data in your new mobile. Go to setting and find backup & restore. Go to this option and press restore. Now it will take few times, and you’re all data will restore.

• You can use same trick on WhatsApp to save your chats when you change mobile.

Must try these tricks.
I hope these tricks will helpful you. Give your feedback below.
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