Viral Urdu fonts CapCut Template

Viral urdu fonts capcut templates

Urdu fonts Capcut Template is now viral on TikTok. In this article, I will show you how you can create this Capcut template. We need Capcut video editor, Pixellab and some Urdu Fonts which I provide you below. This capcut template is now trending on TikTok. So, if you make video on it, your video will go viral.

Capcut Video Editor

Capcut is the best video editing app which is now viral on TikTok. The Capcut is viral because of its Templates. In this video editing app, you get different types of video editing features which help you to edit your video professionally. You can easily change background of your video, Blur background of video in this app. There are different type video effects and filter are available in this app.

If you want to download this app, then click below link. This link will forward to google drive where you can easily download this app.


Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is best photo editing app. In this photo editing app, you can write any type text.  You can write any language text in this photo editing app. So, we use this app to write Urdu text. IF you want to download this app, click below link.


Urdu Fonts


Below I am telling you how you can edit Urdu fonts cap cut template.

How To Edit Template

  1. First add Urdu Fonts in Pixel App
  2. Now Write Urdu lyrics on Pixel lab and save it.
  3. Now Open Cap cut and add your video
  4. Then add lyrics which you created in Pixellab
  5. Adjust your lyrics on your video
  6. Now your video is ready.
  7. Save it on your phone gallery

By Applying these steps, you can edit this cap cut template.

I hope this article helped you to edit viral Urdu cap cut template. If you face any problem while editing this Cap cut template, you can ask in comment section. For this type of useful article keep visting our website(

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