WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2022

Whatsapp tips and tricks 2022

Hello guys, today I will show you some important tips & tricks of WhatsApp that will help you daily life. Some tips may be you will have known now but in this article I will include all significant tips and tricks so read this article un tell end.
First I will show you some tips and tricks in privacy.

1. Privacy

• First you need to go to your WhatsApp setting and the go-to account then open privacy. First option you will see ‘last seen’. If you want to nobody see when you were offline and when you were online, so you can use this option. Just open this option and select ‘nobody’. Now nobody can see when you were offline and when you were online.
• Next option you will see ‘Profile picture’. If you are a girl this option will helps you. Open this option and select ‘my contacts’. Now only can see your profile only the person who mobile number you saved.
• Next option you will see ‘status’. If you want to hide status from family, so you can use this option. Open this option and select ‘my contacts expect’. Then select your family contacts. Now when you upload status your status will hide from your family.
• The most important feature is disappearing messages. When you ON the option your messages will automatically delete from your and other mobile phone. You can select your messages will automatically delete after 24 Hours, 7 Days OR 90 days.
• Next option you will see ‘Groups’. If you don’t want anyone to be able to add you to a group. Just open this option and select ‘My contacts except’ then press don. Now nobody can add you in group.
• Last option you will see ‘screen lock’. You don’t have app locker in your phone. You can use this option to lock your WhatsApp. Just open this option and add your fingerprint of face ID.

2. Security

• This is very important setting. You must be needed to ON this setting. The benefit of this setting is if any want to hack your WhatsApp you will get notification. Then you can protect your WhatsApp. So if you have not ON this option go to setting and ON this option.

3. Two-Step Verification

• This setting should be turned on for your WhatsApp security. Actually when you turn on this setting it will require a code. Just enter your code. When you create WhatsApp it will ask for a code. If someone creates a WhatsApp from your number, it will not able open your WhatsApp.

4. Chat

• After opening chat setting, you will see fist option theme. You can change your WhatsApp theme. For example, you want dark theme on your WhatsApp you can change your theme.
• Second option that will see is ‘wallpaper’. If you want to change chat background. OR if you want to add your own photo in chat background you can add from this option.
• Next option you will see ‘backup’. You can take backup of your chat. If you take backup your mobile when you will change your mobile phone and will create WhatsApp account in new phone. You can get all your chats, Photo, Video from backup.
To take back up of your chat, first you need to add Google account from below option. Below you will see the option ‘include video’. If you want to take back up with video, so you need to ON this option. If you want to take back up without video then you can OFF this option.
Then just click backup option. It will take a few times and your backup will create.
Now when you will create your account in new mobile then you can restore your chat, Photo and video easily.
• And at the last you will see the option ‘chat history’. If you want to export your chat and want to send anyone. By using first option you can export you chat. If you want to hide chats from anyone. Then just click ‘archive all chats’. You all chats will hide. Nobody can see your chats. If you want to delete you chats just click ‘delete all chats’ option. Your all chats will delete.

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5. If you want your WhatsApp’s video not show in gallery. You can do this.

First press your friend profile. Then press ‘i’ Button. Then you will see the option ‘media visibility’. Press this option and popup menu will open. Then press ‘NO’ option. Now if this friend sends you photo OR video. Then that video OR photo will not show in gallery. You can only see that photo OR video in WhatsApp.

6. If anyone tight you

If anyone tight you on WhatsApp and He sent you message again and again. A lot of notification show on your phone. Without silent your mobile you can silent that person only. Just you need to long press on that person profile. Then top of your page volume option will show. Press the option and then press always. Now if he will send you message. The message notification will not show on your mobile.

7. If you want to add different notification sound for different person. Just open your friend profile. Then press the ‘I’ button. Scroll down and tap Custom Notification. Now select the voice you want for this friend. Now if this friend messages you, the notification sound you selected will play.
8. If you are sending photo to anyone. You must be select this option. Just select the photo that you want to send with your friend. At the right button you will see the option ‘1’. Just click the option. Now your friend can see this photo only one time. After one seeing this photo this will automatically delete.
9. If you want to send location to anyone. Just press plus button and press location option. Now your location will appear. Just press ‘Send your custom location’. Now your friend can easily find you.

10. If you do not want to see status of anyone. Just long press the status of that person. The press mutes. Now the status of that person will not appear in your WhatsApp.

7. Restory see deleted messages

This app is very useful for users. Actually, this app saves all your mobile notifications. For example, your Whatsapp text, voice and media. This app saves not only whatsapp notifications. This app also saves all your phone notifications.You don’t need to use third party whatsapp to see deleted whatsapp messages.

 If you want to download this app, just click the link below.


I hope you this WhatsApp tips and tricks helped you. If you have any question about WhatsApp you can ask in comment section.
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