How To Get Original Dynamic Island on Android

Before few days, iPhone 14 series launched. But the main model was the iPhone 14 Pro Max because its notch has been removed. From iPhone X to 14 the notch was coming but now finally has been removed. When iPhone team remove notch, its launch new feature that name is Dynamic Island. This is unique and beautiful feature and now days it is very popular.

What is Dynamic Island? And why it is so popular?

Dynamic Island is new feature that launched by iPhone team which unique. It is very popular because of its uniqueness. The major the reason of this feature, is to hide the front camera. But many things have been added on this dynamic island. For example, when call OR notification will come on your phone it gives popup and when you will play music then you can control music player from there.

Get original Dynamic Island on Android?

Since when iPhone 14 pro max launched, the android phone users want this feature in their phone. Now I will show an application that will help you to get original Dynamic Island on android phone. By using this application, you will get all features of dynamic island on your android phone.
First scroll down, click download link below. After download, install this application on your android.

1. Open this app
2. Give all permission to this app that it needs.
3. Now this app will start showing Dynamic Island and get experience of this iPhone feature on your android phone.

Dynamic ISland app


Features of this Dynamic Island App

• You can control music player
• You can get notification.
This will be shown on top like iPhone 14 pro max. You can also customize this dynamic Island.
You can easily control music player from there. For example, when you will play music I will show you music player in Dynamic Island. From there you can control stop/play, next/ Previous Music easily.

Get dynamic Island in android

I hope this article helped you to get Dynamic island experience on android phone. If you have any problem while setup this app, you can ask in below comment section.
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