10 Secret iPhone Tricks

secret iphone tricks

Hello Guys today I will show you some Tricks and tips about iPhone. Some tricks will work on both iPhone and android, but most will work only for iPhone. You are using iPhone, but you don’t know about these tricks. So in this article I will show you some trick for iPhone that will help you.
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Now without wasting your time comes to the tricks.

There some trick of iPhone that will help you

  • If you take selfie on your iPhone. After taking picture I flip and look very bad. By using this setting you can fix this. Just go to mobile setting and the go-to camera setting. Then you will see ‘mirror front camera option. Just ON this option. Now when you take selfie it will not flip.
  • This trick will work for both android and iPhone. If you are writing text with keyboard. And you want to edit privies text. You can go to word that you want to edit without dragging cursor with finger. Just long press on space bar, and now you can drag your cursor. Just drag your cursor to word that you want to edit. Then you can easily edit the word. You can try this on both device iPhone and android.
 Drag cursor with space bar of keyboard
  • If you are iPhone user then you know that you cannot lock any apps. You can only lock WhatsApp and messenger that these apps have own lock security. But if you want to lock photo and other apps. So I will show you some setting by using these you can lock your iPhone any app. Just go to iPhone setting and go to screen time. Now go to app limit. And set passcode. Now select the apps that you want to lock. Now select time. Mean, after how much time apps lock automatically. Now all apps lock that you selected. By using this way you can lock your iPhone any app.
  • This is copy and paste trick for iPhone users. If you want to copy any text just select any text and swipe in with three fingers. Now you selected text has been copied. Now go to the place where you want to paste this text. Then swipe out with three finger, and you text will paste. This is short trick for quickly copy and pastes any text.
copy text with three fingers
  • This is very useful trick for iPhone users. Just go to the notes. Then long press note icon. Then you will see the option ‘scan document’. Just press it. Now you can scan any document, convert into PGF, and now you can send to anyone. You have no need any scanner you can easily convert PDG of your document.
  • If you are using calculator in your iPhone. And you want to delete any number. Just drag left OR right your number will automatically delete.If you have save your email and password in note, and you want to lock that note. Then you can try this trick. Just go the note that you want to lock then press three dots then you will see lock option. Now press it. Then your note has been lock. Now it cannot be open without password.
  • This is very useful iPhone trick. By using this trick you can hide your photo from gallery. Just go to iPhone photo gallery and open the photo that you want to hide. Now press share button and scroll down. Then press Hide option. Now your photo will hide. If you want to see this photo just go to hide folder, and can see this photo there.
  • If you want to pin any screen of your iPhone. For example if you give your phone to your friend you want that your font cannot open other app except the app that you open for your friends. For this go to setting and then go to accessibility. Now turn ON the option Guild access. Now open any app and press tree time power button. Then you phone screen will pin. If you want to turn off this option just press power button three times.
  • This information every iPhone user must be known. If you buy a second iPhone, and you want to check that this phone is new OR republish OR replacement. I will show you some information by using this information you can check this.Just go to your mobile setting and then go to about. Check first latter of your iPhone. If it is

M it means it is New

N =replacement

F= republished

P= personalized

By this way you can check your mobile phone.

I hope this trick helped you. If you have any question in your mind you can ask in comment section.
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