Best App For Captions(Free) 2023

Best app for captions

A nowadays video captions is viral on TikTok and Instagram. Many video creator use caption in their video that looks very amazing. That why, peoples want to use captions in their video. So in this article, I will show you an bets app for captions in which you can add auto caption in their video. In this captions’ app, you can easily add captions in any language. If you want to add caption in roman English, then you can easily add Roman English in their video.

The app about I telling you name is Blink-Caption and teleprompter. In this app, you can easily add caption in their video. So below I am showing you some detail of this app and also tell you how you can add captions in their video by using this app.

1.Blink-Caption And Teleprompter

This is a video editor app in which you can add any language caption easily. You can also add GIF emoji in their video. Many peoples want to add captions in roman English or Urdu. So in this app, you can add Roman English or Urdu captions. Below, I am telling you how you can add Roman English or Urdu captions.

First you need to download this app from below link. First click below link. This link will forward to google drive, where you can easily download this app. Then install this app on your phone.

Add captions on video





How to add Roman English or Urdu Captions in video

  1. First open this app and click plus icon.
  2. Now select auto Captions and select your video.
  3. Now if you want to add Roman English or Urdu caption then select English (India).
  4. Then Press Generate Captions. Now this process will take few times.
  5. Now, you can select any captions style.
  6. Then press export and select HD quality. And press continues.
  7. Now your video will save in your gallery. You can upload this video in your any social media account.

By using these simple steps, you can easily add captions in your video. I hope this article helped you to find the best app for captions. If you have any questions related to this app, you can ask in the comment section. For this type of informative article keep visiting our website (

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