Premium Lightroom Presets Download 2024

New Premium lightroom presets 2024

Lightroom presets are famous because anyone can edit their video or photo in Lightroom app. I already uploaded different article and give you different Lightroom presets on this website. So today in this article I brought new Premium Lightroom presets which you can free download from this article and add in your Lightroom.

Everyone wants to use Lightroom Presets because you can easily edit your video or photo in Lightroom app by using presets. But most of the peoples do not know about presets. They use presets, but they do not know what Lightroom presets are. So in I will tell you what are Lightroom presets, and then I will give you Lightroom presets file which you can free download from here.

Premium Lightroom Presets Download

Below I provide you premium Lightroom presets which are free for you. To download these presets, just click below link. This link will forward to google drive, where you can easily download these Lightroom presets.

premium lightroom presets


For iPhone


For Android


How To Add Presets In Lightroom

  1. First Open Lightroom Editing app in your phone.
  2. Then Press presets option that shown in below.
  3. Now press three Dot that shown on corner.
  4. Then press Import presets.
  5. Now select premium presets file that you downloaded from here.
  6. Then select all presets and press Add.
  7. Now in presets in your section, you will see all new presets. Just press and apply on your photo.

In this way, you can add new presets in your Lightroom application.

I hope this article helped you find premium Lightroom presets. You can easily download premium Lightroom presets from here. If you face any problem while adding Lightroom presets in Lightroom app, you can ask in comment section. For type of useful article keep visiting our website(

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