Pretty Up App Update(New Features)

Pretty Up new update apk download

Pretty up is a very famous video editor. It has 1M+ download on play store. Different famous TikTok use this video editor. I personally use this app for photo and video editing. This app was already perfect, but after new update new feature add in this app. These new features are very useful. Can helpful for every video creator. Below I am discussing new feature of pretty up.

1. Auto Face Smooth

This is a very useful feature of Pretty Up which added after the new update. Every TikTokers want to look beautiful in his TikTok video. By using this feature, you can smooth your face. This feature automatically smoothes your face, and you will look good in his video. If you want to look beautiful in his TikTok video, then you can use this feature.

2. Al painting & Avatar maker

Al is very famous nowadays. Different websites use Al. Special among these names is ChatGPT. ChatGPT is famous website that uses Al. That why after new update pretty up added this feature. You can create different avatar with this feature. You can create cartoon and different animated avatar with one click. If you want to make beautiful DP with one click, then you can use this feature.

3. MakeUp video editor

This feature can be useful for girls. They can easy makeup their face with this feature. This feature is perfectly working. And you can make up on your face professionally.

4. Hair changer

This is not useful feature, but you can try this feature. You can change hairstyle with this feature. If you want to change your hairstyle with one click, then you can use this feature.

These are some new feature of pretty up that add after new update. If you want to download this just click below link and download this app then install this app (prettyup) on your phone. Then use this app’s new features for professional photo and video editing.  

pretty up face smooth

For Android


For iPhone


I Hope this article helped you to know about new features of pretty up. Please share this article with your friend. For this related article keep connected our website (harpaltech). 

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