How To Enhance Video Quality

Get trending HDR Filter in android

Many people have normal phone which camera quality is very poor. And they want to improve their video quality. So I research and found an app which help to enhance video quality. Actually this app provides HDR feature which makes video look very amazing. This app only supports IOS. So if you are iPhone users then this app will helpful for you.

In this app, you can apply HDR Feature and get millions of views on their video. As you know, if your video quality is not good then any social media platform will never promote your video. So With this editing app, you can easily enhance video quality and improve your viewership.

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in this application, you can not only enhance your video quality, you can also edit your video. You can apply different effects on your video. If you want to remove and change background of your video, you can easily do this in this video editor. You can apply smooth slow-Mo on your video. And there are other features available in this app that you can use to edit your video professionally.  The app about I telling you name is Blurr- Music Video editor App.

If you want to download this app(Blurr), just click below link. This link will forward you to app store, where you can easily install this app on your phone.

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 Below I am telling you, how you can apply HDR filter on your video.

How to Apply HDR Filter in Blurr- Music Video Editor App

  1. First install this app on your iPhone and open it.
  2. Then Press Start creating and select frame size, Resolution and frame rate. And then press new project.
  3. Now Press video/Photo option and select your video in which you want apply HDR filter.
  4. Now press FX option that shown in below. And press HDR filter. And Drag this filter on your full video.
  5. Now press export and your video will save on your phone gallery.

In this way, you can apply HDR filter on your video.

I hope this article helped you to find the best app to enhance your video quality. If you have any question about this app, you can ask in comment section. For this type of helpful articles, keep visiting our website( 

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